Perfect for 5 to 10 Barrel System

EconoMill with standard hopper and optional flex auger boot

All the features you need including: adjustable gap, 6 inch rollers, electric motor, stand, hopper. All in one convenient roller mill.

Solid steel construction gives you many years of reliable operation so you can focus on your own.

All the features you would expect from a roller mill without the high sticker price.

Technical Data*


                               Avg Capacity     Avg Capacity (bu/hr)   Dimensions    Weight   Rollers Size    Motor     Hopper Cap.              Groves 

                               Malted Barley             Barley/Oats             W / H / L         lbs           W x D           HP      Reg Hop/ Ext. Hop           per

                               (bu/hr / lbs/hr)                                                                                                                     lbs of Malted Barley         inch


EconoMill 1.5        50/1700                       50/35                22"/34"/40"      275         6" x 8.5"       1.5             50/100             4 to 12

EconoMill 2.0        60/2000                       60/45                22"/34"/40"      280         6" x 8.5"       2.0             50/100             4 to 12

Electrical motors are available in single phase or three phase power as well as TEFC or Explosion Proof

* Please note all technical data are approximations and are subject to change. Capacity data vary widely depending on type of grain milled, moisture content and other variables. Before making decisions based on technical data shown, you should contact us to insure proper use.

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