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SvenMill 20 with drag auger and extended hopper

Heavy Duty Industrial Construction

Frames made of welded plate steel. Oversized bearings. Everything that goes in the fabrication of these mills is meant for the most extreme use. All made in North America

Best Value on the Market

Packed with features at a reasonable price SvenMill™ is the greatest value on the market. 

Most Versatile Design

SvenMill™ can be used for a variety of tasks, from rolling barley for cattle feed or rolling malted barley for the perfect grist for a brewery. There's a SvenMill™ for every task.

Our Main line of roller mills is the SvenMill™. It is used for a variety of functions including grain grinding (Corn, Wheat, Barley, Oats, Pulses, Oil seeds, etc.) as well as many other materials (Fertilizer, Coal, Nuts, Spices,  etc.)

The design of our roller mill allows for a gentle roll to preserve the quality of the grains being grinded. A differential drive will provide a finer grind.


Our innovative product line and expert craftsmanship have made us leaders in the industry.

Exclusive Design Features

Offset Rollers ensures continuous feeding and prevents material from hanging up on top of the rollers



Quick Release Hopper lets you remove the entire hopper in just a few seconds

Lift-out rollers allow you to service your rollers in a few minutes with common tools

Heavy Duty Frame made out of welded plate steel as well as alloy steel shafts for superior strength  

Instant Release Rollers allow debris to fall through without tools and keeping your hands out of harm's way.

The SvenMill line can be outfitted with a vast variety of attachments and accessories. They can also be driven by any type of motor.

-Fixed Augers

-Flex Augers


-45 Degrees Boot

-Funnel Boot

-Custom Boot

-Extension legs

-Electric motors

-Gas Engines


-Custom Modifications

Technical Data*

To See Microbrewery Specific Data Please Click Here

SvenMill 8

                   Avg Capacity (bu/hr)*     Max Capacity (bu/hr)*   Dimensions      Weight.          Rollers Size        Motor

                            Barley/Oats                      Barley/Oats.            W / H / L.            lbs                     W x D                HP          

SvenMill 4            90/60                             115/90                 18"/38"/48"          400                4" x 11"              2.0

SvenMill 6           120/80                           150/120                20"/38"/48"          475                 6" x 11"             3.0

SvenMill 8          150/100                          185/150                24"/38"/48"         525                 8" x 11"             5.0

SvenMill 12        200/130                          250/200                30"/38"/48"         640               12" x 11"             7.5

                      Avg Capacity (bu/hr)*      Max Capacity (bu/hr)*   Dimensions      Weight.        Rollers Size          Motor

                             Barley/Oats                      Barley/Oats.                W / H / L             lbs                   W x D                  HP

SvenMill 16       250/160                           325/240                   36"/38"/48"          725                16" x 11"              10.0

SvenMill 20       350/225                           435/335                   38"/48"/48"          800                20" x 11"              10.0

SvenMill 20 with Extended Hopper

SvenMill 30 w/o Motor

                       Avg Capacity (bu/hr)*      Max Capacity (bu/hr)*   Dimensions      Weight.      Rollers Size    Motor/PTO

                              Barley/Oats                      Barley/Oats.                W / H / L.             lbs               W x D                HP

SvenMill 24         500/300                           600/400                   42"/48"/48"          1000             24" x 11"        20.0

SvenMill 30         700/375                           800/500                   46"/48"/48"          1200              30" x 11"        30.0

                       Avg Capacity (bu/hr)*      Max Capacity (bu/hr)*   Dimensions      Weight.      Rollers Size    Motor/PTO

                              Barley/Oats                      Barley/Oats.                W / H / L.             lbs               W x D                HP

SvenMill 36         1000/600                           1100/700               50"/48"/52"       1400             36" x 13"            30.0

SvenMill 48         1300/750                           1500/850                62"/48"/52"       1800            48" x 13"            40.0

SvenMill 36.tif

Portable SvenMill 36 w PTO and Drag Auger

* Please note all technical data are approximations and are subject to change. Capacity data vary widely depending on type of grain milled, moisture content and other variables. Before making decisions based on technical data shown, you should contact us to insure proper use.

Double SvenMillv2.jpg

All SvenMill models are available as DoubleSvenMill as well as TripleSvenMill. This configuration allows for processing larger particules faster as well as increasing the quality of the grist when it comes to brewing.

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